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Our CIRINGE products have been proven for safety and free from microbes.

The syringes are manufactured using high clarity barrel made from medical grade polypropylene and have exact long-lasting graduation marks printed on the barrel. Its latex-free piston is lubricated with medical-grade silicone for a smooth draw, and the internal ring in the barrel acts as a lock to ensure the plunger does not displace during the draw. All syringes are sterilized by ETO and its sterility is guaranteed. The syringes are available with and without needle options.


All materials and components are non-toxic, sourced from approved manufacturers, either locally or overseas. Guidance for Quality Assurance includes ISO 13485, ISO 7886, and European Directive (CE).

Registered under Act 737

Syringe Without Needle: MDA No. GA8289892816
Syringe With Needle: MDA No. GB39031286217
Approval No. MDAMD 0064/2022


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