Our Story

Muzamal Industries Sdn Bhd (MISB) was established in 1998 and we are the production subsidiary of the MUZAMAL group. We specialize in the production of our own-brand hypodermic syringe with or without needle, hypodermic needle, specimen container, and absorbable and non-absorbable surgical suture.

In 2005 we moved into a modern, purpose-built factory, giving us a tenfold increase in our capacity to supply medical organizations on a large scale. With a current production facility of 5000 sqm, MISB is one of the few manufacturers in Malaysia to boast a certified ISO 14644 Class 8 cleanroom.

Through constant monitoring of global trends and changes, MISB continues to develop higher quality, more cost-effective products. We have been accredited with ISO13485 and our products follow and comply to the guidelines of the Malaysia Regulation, United States Pharmacopeia (USP), European Pharmacopeia (EP) and the European Standards of Medical Device Directive (MDD) requirements. Most of our products carry the CE mark, so you can be sure of our quality standards.

Our People

The wellbeing of our people is the key to our success. It is for this reason that we work hard to create a positive, productive and harmonious environment for our staff and our business partners alike. We believe that good working conditions, effective motivation schemes, continuous monitoring, and evaluation are at the core of ensuring teamwork across the vertical organization and effective leadership values across the horizontal organization.

Our people work hard to foster a solid understanding and a positive attitude towards corporate image, values, and responsibility. All MISB staff receives high-level in-house and external training to help them achieve superior levels of quality-oriented processes.

Our product consultants come from a technical background, and their wide product expertise and experience equip them well to provide timely and satisfactory customer support, as well as responding swiftly to any inquiries beyond the sales cycle.

We choose our staff according to their talent and innovation and give them thorough training in our company values and practices.


Our mission for the Muzamal Group of Companies is, ‘To promote, strengthen and maintain brand loyalty amongst new and existing customers by meeting their stringent demands for quality products’.

Our Vision

Our vision is, ‘To extend the market for our products and be recognised as a trusted, reliable and professional supplier of medical products at an international level’. MISBs’ commitment to high levels of quality has placed us in a strong position in the market and forged the rapid expansion and development that our company has seen in recent years.

Our goal is to ensure that we maintain the highest standards of quality at a competitive price. We continue to achieve these objectives because:

 We promote quality, excellence and customer satisfaction through our daily operation.
We are committed to continual improvement.
We adopt stringent quality control procedures and hygiene practices.
We listen to user feedback by working closely with our sister company.

Quality Assurance & Control

Our focus on quality assurance and control is fundamental to our company values. This forms the basis of everything we do, from the quality of our materials, to staff training and production methods.

As well as attaining these standards to fulfill the requirements for accreditation, we aim to sustain our quality standards throughout the manufacturing process as part of Muzamal Group policy. To achieve this aim, we utilize specific testing tools and equipment as an integral part of our quality assurance and control procedures.

We work closely with internationally recognized local universities and international testing labs, which are aligned with the Notified Body requirements. Apart from an internal audit, we undergo an independent internal audit by our parent company, Muzamal Holdings and a Notified Body audit, which take place monthly, half-yearly and annually.

Research & Development

Apart from internal R&D activities, MISB has invested in a dedicated independent R&D resource, which is under the strict control of our parent company, Muzamal Holdings to ensure etiquette and quality integrity is not jeopardized. At the same time, our sister’s company provides continuous analysis of market requirements to enable us to respond to user quality demand.

We work with other well-known reputable names in the industries and we benefit from our shared knowledge. To help us better understand and meet our customersʼ requirements, we stay in close touch with a strong network of trusted medical practitioner and professionals who constantly provide us with an up-to-date supply of raw consumer feedback and data. Through this continuous assessment and evaluation of market needs, trends and feedback, we are able to stay close to our customers and end-users, enabling us to anticipate and deliver to their exacting needs.

We carefully source our raw materials from approved suppliers, and our machinery is tailored to suit the quality levels required in accordance with our accreditations. In the global scenario of fast technological change. MISB has to be continuously aware of changes that may affect its business position. New production facilities could enter the market which may render existing machines obsolete and uneconomical.

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