About Finepik

FINEPIK hypodermic needles have been tested for its great performance, safety proven and free from microbes.

The needle is built with Japanese quality and technology; featuring an exceptionally sharp lancet point and fine needle to help deliver smooth tissue penetration and reduce injection trauma. The needle tube is designed for rapid and smooth liquid flow through. Another notable feature is the color-coded hub cannula. All hypodermic needles are sterilized by ETO and its sterility is guaranteed.


All materials are manufactured according to European Standards MDD 93/42/EEC and tested according to ISO 10993, ISO 11138 and ISO 7864. Needles are of Japanese quality and technology. Sharp lancet point, meeting requirements of ISO 9626. Colour coded hub in accordance with ISO 6009 and sterilization by ETO in accordance with ISO 11135.

Registered under Act 737

Finepik Hypodermic Needle MDA No.: GB37444469217
Approval No.: MDAMD 0062/2022

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